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Post Discharge Tele-monitoring of Coronavirus Survivors for Long-Term Impacts and Point-of-Care

Have you been infected by COVID-19 lately? If yes, and if you are concerned about long-term impacts of COVID-19 after recovery, you may participate in our study, in which we investigate the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Our study is approved by the Biomedical Research Ethics Board of the University of Manitoba. 

To be eligible for this study, you must be >18 years old, have been infected by COVID-19 and have a smart phone along with WIFI connection. If you are selected to be enrolled in the study, we will send a package including a blood pressure unit, a pulse oximeter and a microphone to record your breathing sounds. These devices will operate with a free app that should be downloaded into your smart phone. Then, we will have regular (weekly or more) videoconferencing sessions with you Online for a period of 4 months to check for your respiratory and cardiovascular signals remotely. 

We have budget for only 20 participants in this study, and we will let you know whether or not you are selected to be enrolled in the study. 

To volunteer and also learn more about the study and its protocol, please contact Dr. Zahra Moussavi at:

You will also need to download our free app:

for iPhones, from AppStore: Search for "Health Monitoring" app and download it. 

for androinds, it can be downloaded from: Health Monitoring - Apps on Google Play

telemonitoring app