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Dear all,

Many of the users of these memory exercises have asked me to make them more user friendly. As this is not an on-going research for me, I do not have funding for its improvement. Please note that memory exercises in general are not free of charge; for example Posit brain exercises is about $500 per package, or Lumosity exercises require a $30/month charge. I made these exercises available for free in memory of my mother, who passed away with Alzheimer’s disease, as she has been the source of my passion for Alzheimer’s research. We have shown that these memory exercises are indeed significantly effective if you use them regularly. For a short report of the research results you may see here or here. I will keep them available for free but to improve their quality, and also to hire somebody for troubleshooting, I am requesting your kind contribution.

If you would like to donate for such purpose, please click here for a minimum donation of $30 or more. When you click on the link please fill the requested information on your name and address; then, fill the approperiate boxes with your information.

Your donation will be tax deductible and recognizable by University of Manitoba. You can also ask me (by email) any time for a report of the collected money, and how it is spent. The money that you donate will be used for imporving the games and also providing customers' support and maintenence.

With Thanks,

Zahra Moussavi